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Brownfield Cleanup Program - NYC by HabitatMap

A brownfield is a property whose redevelopment is complicated by potential contamination. All the properties detailed on this map are/were part of the NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP) or its predecessor, the Voluntary Cleanup Program. The BCP was designed to incentivize the redevelopment of brownfields by offering tax credits and liability waivers to developers.

Tags: brownfields NYSDEC cleanup redevelopment mitigation remediation

Potential Vapor Intrusion Sites - NYC by HabitatMap

Properties that host or hosted facilities that released volatile organic compunds into the surrounding soil and groundwater. For more information on vapor intrusion see the NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation's "Vapor Intrusion Guidance"

Tags: "chlorinated solvents" "dry cleaning" pharmaceuticals "manufactured gas" "vapor intrusion"

State Superfund Sites - NYC by HabitatMap

The New York State Superfund Program identifies, investigates, and remediates hazardous waste sites. In most cases, the parties responsible for the pollution pay for the cleanup and carry out the required work. However, about a third of the time the State must pay the costs of cleanup using money from the 1986 Environmental Quality Bond Act.

Tags: Superfund NYSDEC remediation contamination mitigation redevelopment

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