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Auto Repair Shops - Sunset Park

Sunset Park Auto Repair Shops


Brownfield Opportunity Area Sites - Sunset Park

Sites of interest / Priority Sites of Step 1 of Sunset Park Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA). 

Tags: UPROSE1, brownfields, "contaminated land"

Community Based Organizations and Non-Profits

Locations of CBO's and Non-Profits in Sunset Park

Tags: uprose1

Industrial & Manufacturing Sites - Sunset Park

This map includes industrial sites which includes sites that are used for manufacturing, storage and goods distribution.

Tags: UPROSE1, Waterfront, Industrial, Manufacturing, "Environmental Justice"

Power Plants - Sunset Park

Power plants in Sunset Park.

Tags: Uprose1, "Environmental Justice", "Power Plant", "Power Generators", Energy, "Air Pollution"

Sunset Park Waterfront

Information gathered by the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) on land uses in Sunset Park's Industrial Waterfront

Tags: uprose1

UPROSE Environmental Justice Tour Route

The Sunset Park neighborhood in Brooklyn NYC is home to one of the few remaining working waterfronts in Brooklyn. Our industrial history has made Sunset Park a diverse immigrant community. This area provides jobs and has the potential to produce many more. Likewise, for decades it has concentrated land uses that produce environmental and health burdens. Some of these include: superfunds and brownfields, polluting power plants, and an aged, overburdened and congested highway that prevents Sunset Park's residents access to their waterfront. UPROSE provides the community and other interested parties tours (on our hybrid-electric bus) of our neighborhood focusing on the waterfront. 


Urban Farms & Agriculture - Sunset Park


Tags: UPROSE1, "urban farms", "community agriculture"

Urban Forestry - Sunset Park

Number of trees per street/block segment

Tags: UPROSE1, trees, "urban forestry"

Vacant Lots - Sunset Park



Waste Transfer Stations - Sunset Park

Waste Transfer Sites in Sunset Park

Tags: Uprose1, "Waste Transfer Sites", Waste, Trash, Garbage, "Environmental Justice"

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