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Founded in 2001 by life-long South Bronx resident, Dr. Majora Carter, SSBx addresses land-use, energy, transportation, water & waste policy, and education to advance the environmental and economic rebirth of the South Bronx, and inspire solutions in areas like it across the nation and around the world.

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EJ Peaker Power Plants - NYC

This map details all the peaker power plants located within a 1/2 mile radius of an environmental justice community (as defined by NYSDEC). "Peaker" is a designation given to power plants that are only intended to operate on high electrical demand days when the generating capacity of base load plants is strained, like on hot summer days. Peaker plants often emit more pollution per unit of energy produced than base load plants. All of the peaking units shown in this map operate without post-combustion pollution controls.

Tags: energy "air pollution" NOx PM2.5 "air emissions"

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