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2012 Newtown Creek Beach Cleanup Sites

Together with the NCA and NBBC, IEC is participating in the Ocean Conservancy’s 2012 International Coastal Cleanup.  Participants not only pick up trash that endangers the health of waterways, they count every item as well.
10 am (Vernon Blvd & NC)- 12:30pm (Hunterspoint Bridge).
Afterwards, the Newtown Creek Armada will be open 1-4pm- 
For more info: GARBAGE, BOATS AND BIRDS…just another Saturday on Newtown Creek

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IEC-CES Water Quality Sampling Sites

Water quality sampling sites part of the Newtown Creek Community Education & Involvement Initiative funded by NCEBF via HRF

Tags: "Newtown Creek water quality"; NCEBF; HRF: IEC; CES; "Newtown Creek"

NC Study Area

Newtown Creek study area

Tags: "Newtown Creek", "Newtown Creek Fund", "IEC", CES, HRF, "water quality sites"

Newtown Creek Fund WQ Sampling Locations

This map depicts the NYCEBF Newtown Creek Fund CES-CSI/IEC water quality monitoring locations for the Phase I Wet Weather Monitoring Runs. The Interstate Environmental Commission is helping with coordination, providing technical oversight, and community outreach support to CES-CSI on their recently awarded project, “Newtown Creek Community Education and Involvement Initiative: Stormwater Monitoring and Modeling,” which has received funding by the Hudson River Foundation via the New York City Environmental Benefits Fund (NYCEBF) Newtown Creek Fund.

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CSO Outfalls - Newtown Creek by S.W.I.M. Coalition

Newtown Creek has 23 Combined Sewer Overflow outfalls along its shores. Some of them are very large, some of them are relatively inactive, some of them are visible and accessible and others are hidden under bridges, behind private lots or under the water line.  Members of the S.W.I.M. Coalition and Newtown Creek Alliance are doing their darnedest to locate them all and photograph the conditions at each outfall, especially during wet weather. We know its gross, but somebody's gotta look.  If you would like to contribute to this map in a coordinated fashion, please drop us a line through our profile here or at

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