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Along The Shore - Brooklyn's Industrial Waterfront by Along The Shore

Brooklyn landmarks documented by "Along the Shore" workshop participants.  For additional information visit our webpage.

Tags: "brooklyn waterfront" "working harbor" historic recreation waterfont shoreline ashore1

Attorney General vs. Newtown Creek Polluters by Newtown Creek Alliance

In February 2007, The Attorney General's Office, with a newly elected Andrew Cuomo at the helm, filed a notice of intent to sue against ExxonMobil, BP, Chevron, Keyspan (National Grid) and Phelps Dodge (Freeport-McMoran Copper & Gold) for violating the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act by creating an imminent and substantial endangerment to health and the environment in Newtown Creek and portions of the adjacent shoreline.

Tags: BP "British Petroleum" ExxonMobil Exxon Mobil ChevronTexaco Chevron Texaco "Phelps Dodge" Freeport-McMoRan Keyspan "National Grid" Superfund

Bronx River Blueway - Paddle Guide by BronxRiverAlliance

Welcome to the Bronx River, one of New York City’s natural treasures. The river’s headwaters are located near the Kensico Dam in Valhalla, N.Y, fifteen miles north of the Bronx border.

This interactive guide covers the eight-mile stretch flowing through the Bronx and is designed to help paddlers navigate the river safely and enjoy the experience.

Also, visit our website for further details on the paddle and greenway guides.

Tags: "Bronx River", paddle, guide, recreation, river, "Bronx River Alliance", bronx, blueway

Bronx River CSO Outfalls by Dawn Henning

Location of combined sewer outfalls discharging to the Bronx River.

Tags: CSO, "Bronx River"

Brownfields - Newtown Creek by Newtown Creek Alliance

A brownfield is a property whose redevelopment is complicated by potential contamination. All the properties detailed on the map are/were part of the NYSDEC Brownfields Cleanup Program (BCP) or its predecessor, the Voluntary Cleanup Program. The BCP was designed to incentivize the redevelopment of brownfields by offering tax credits and liability waivers to developers.

Tags: brownfields mitigation remediation NYSDEC contamination toxics

Marine Transfer Stations - NYC by OWN

A single barge can carry as much garbage as twenty-eight tractor trailer trucks. By building marine transfer stations and barging New York City's garbage, the City can reduce waste related truck traffic in the City by more than 3 million miles annually. Cutting diesel powered truck traffic will improve air quality across the city, cut carbon emissions, reduce traffic congestion, trim maintenance costs for our roads and bridges, and improve quality of life. To download a pdf version of this map click here.

Tags: "marine transfer station" "waste transfer station" waste garbage

Meeker Ave. Contaminant Plumes by Newtown Creek Alliance

The NY State Dept. of Environmental Conservation has identified several large plumes of chlorinated solvents (TCE & PCE) in the soils and groundwater beneath Greenpoint and East Williamsburg. These plumes are collectively referred to by DEC as the "Meeker Ave. Plume". The plumes are the result of decades of dumping and irresponsible manufacturing practices by historic and contemporary dry cleaning, dyeing, and metalworking businesses. For more information visit the Newtown Creek Alliance website. For a pdf version of the map with more detail click here.

Tags: PCE TCE Greenpoint Williamsburg "chlorinated solvents" "vapor intrusion"

Newtown Creek Access Points by Newtown Creek Alliance

The Newtown Creek Nature Walk provides the safest and easiest access to the Creek. When approaching the Creek from Apollo St., 58th Rd., or the English Kills Bridge use caution. Decaying bulkheads, exposed soil, and broken glass make reaching the Creek from these locations potentially treacherous.

Tags: "Newtown Creek" "waterfront access"

Sewage Treatment Facilities - NYC by S.W.I.M. Coalition

Every day, nine million New Yorkers discharge 1.5 billion gallons of liquid waste into their sewer system. Underground and out of sight their urine, feces, and food scraps combine with litter and pollution from the streets and toxic waste dumped by regulated city businesses. This nasty brew then navigates the 6,000 miles of pipes, 135,000 catch basins, and 93 pumping stations of the wastewater treatment network towards two possible futures: decontamination at one of 14 treatment plants or discharge into New York Harbor via one of 494 combined sewer overflow outfalls    

Tags: sewage CSO stormwater "sewage treatment facilities" WPCP "water pollution"

State Superfund Sites - Newtown Creek by Newtown Creek Alliance

The New York State Superfund Program identifies, investigates, and remediates hazardous waste sites. In most cases, the parties responsible for the pollution pay for the cleanup and carry out the required work. However, about a third of the time the State must pay the costs of cleanup using money from the 1986 Environmental Quality Bond Act.

Tags: Superfund NYSDEC contamination remediation mitigation redevelopment

Waste Transfer Stations - Newtown Creek by Newtown Creek Alliance

There are 19 waste transfer stations within a 1/4 mile of Newtown Creek. Together they handle almost 5 million tons annually or 38% of all the waste moving through waste transfer stations in New York City. To put this in perspective, the whole of Manhattan hosts only a single waste transfer station, handling approximately 270 tons of waste annually.

Tags: "waste transfer station" garbage smell waste-to-rail waste-to-barge waste

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