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TOPIC: AirCasting - Read Our Proposal

HabitatMap and partners just submitted an exciting new proposal to the Knight News Challenge. Have a look,, and let us know what you think.

Sneak preview summary below:
AirCasting is about crowdsourcing cybernetic systems. Seemingly every day brings a new portable device that is capable of augmenting human sensory experience by tapping into phenomena that are beyond the limits of human perception. We may feel that the air is bad on a particular day in a particular place; we may know that our asthma is flaring up, but sensing and communicating the quality of the air or the state of our bodies in precise and universal terms only becomes possible with the aid of scientific instruments. Previously, these instruments either did not exist or were too expensive or bulky to be purchased and carried on or in the human body. Today, portable environmental sensors, tracking devices, and bio-monitors are rapidly becoming ubiquitous. The output from these cybernetic systems is innately social as data-basing and crowdsourcing are fundamental to the way they record information and evolve through technological iterations. By creating a platform that crowdsources data from thousands or potentially millions of cybernetic devices, AirCasting becomes an analytics engine capable of picking out emergent patterns in human environments and biology.
Any updates on making the aircasting monitor? it has been a while since the original project started and I was wondering if there are more infos on the the accuracy of the sensors such as CO and NO2.
Thanks for the question Michel. More information about the performance of the air quality sensors we are using is available in our My Air, My Health Challenge solution, which is available for download via our blog, Keep tabs on the blog as we'll be publishing additional information on the performance of low cost sensors in the coming month.

Page 1 of 1 3 Posts