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TOPIC: AirCasting is Live . . . Share Your Air!

HabitatMap is pleased to present AirCasting . . .

AirCasting [] is a platform for recording, mapping, and sharing environmental data using your smartphone. Currently, AirCasters can upload sound level data recorded by their phone’s microphone. AirCasting is intended for measuring outdoor noise. Soon, we’ll expand the range of devices that plug into the AirCasting platform to include sound level meters and pollution sensors. Each AirCasting session lets you capture real-world measurements, annotate the data to tell your story, and share it with a local and world-wide community via the CrowdMap.

To start recording, mapping, and sharing sound level data for your neighborhood, simply download the AirCasting app [] to your Android device and press play. Don’t have an Android device? Check out the AirCasting maps [] to see if someone has already contributed data for your area.

Start measuring the air in your environment. What will you discover? What stories will you tell with AirCasting? Where’s the noisy corner or quiet sanctuary in your neighborhood? Together, with AirCasting, we can better understand and improve our environment.
Page 1 of 1 1 Posts