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TOPIC: HabitatMap vs. AirCasting account?

Hi, just created an account here in order to use AirCasting app. When I tried to enter the same credentials in the app, login failed. After creating a new account directly in the app, it seems to work. Could you tell me wether this is now the same account, or a second account has been created on another server (

Kind regards,
HabitatMap and AirCasting are separate sites with separate sign-ins. Create a HabitatMap profile by visiting and clicking "Create a Profile" in the upper right hand corner. Create an AirCasting profile by downloading and launching the app then press menu > "Settings" >"Create a profile".
Great, thanks. In this case my question would be: where / how can I edit my AirCasting account?
You can edit, delete, and share your sessions via the "Sessions" screen inside the app, simply long press the session name. Other than that, there currently is no functionality to edit your profile or do more advanced editing of sessions. In addition, you can only log-in to AirCasting via the app, not the website. Does that answer your question?
> Does that answer your question?

Sure, thanks a lot!
Then how do we link the two, so that we can see what we've tracked here?
It sounds like you're interested in viewing your AirCasting sessions online. To do that, visit > click "maps" > click "mobile" > type in your profile name and click "submit".
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