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TOPIC: Sharing existing AirCasting sessions with CrowdMap?

Hi, just stored a session using the AirCasting app. At the end I was asked if sharing with CrowdMap is fine. After typing no, I wonder if there's a way to still share the session later.

(If questions regarding AirCasting do not belong here, please let me know.)

Kind regards,
Yes, you can share your sessions even if you've elected not to contribute them to the CrowdMap. Press menu > press "Sessions" > long press the name of the session you would like to share >press "Share". You can then share the file as either a link or a CSV file.
Ok, thanks. Is there a way to upload such a link / CSV file to the CrowdMap later on?
Not at this time. In the near future we will be adding this functionality.
Ok, thanks.
Page 1 of 1 5 Posts