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TOPIC: Impact of Sustained Construction Noise on Public Health

How often have you heard that as long builders are making noise under legal hours, then they are allowed to do as they please?

Firstly, what if they don't necessarily keep within legal hours?

Secondly, what if they add unnecessarily noise such as ultra-loud stereo on top of their usual construction noise?

Thirdly, what if it's not just the odd construction, but rather a protracted process of rapid urban expansion/ reconstruction of brown fields involving demotion as well as construction?

Collecting sustained evidence that reflects the longitudinal patterns of construction is the first step towards building a case for protecting community health.

I invite those who suffer from sustained levels of unhealthy noise to come together and build a critical mass towards unchecked noise pollution.
Great idea! The AirCasting platform,, is a great tool for collecting and crowdsourcing sound level measurements to backstop community advocacy efforts directed at curbing noise pollution. This excellent report from the World Health Organization makes it clear that exposure to unwanted noise has a big impact on human health and well-being ,
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